VicForests’ 2011-16 logging plans for Strathbogie forests

planned coupes and area 3

Coupe size and planned net harvested area per coupe.

Most of the coupes planned to be harvested in the next few years are lined-up, end-to-end, along a north-south alignment in the vicinity of existing forest tracks. Each of these coupes will get the ‘seed tree treatment’ i.e. clear-felling that leaves a few trees standing per hectare (most of which will fall over, or die within a few years of the logging). If this logging goes ahead, there will be a long scar through the heart of the forest.

The Code of Practice for Timber Production states:

“The size of clear-felled, seed tree or shelterwood coupes must not exceed 40 hectares net harvested area. Where appropriate, such coupes may be aggregated up to 120 hectares net harvested area over a period of up to five years. Aggregated coupes must not be contiguous (forming a coupe greater than 120 hectares within a five year period).” (p. 15 The Code)

What do you think – are VicForests complying with the rules?

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