Developing our plan

Making this work.

Making this work.

So, we know that we don’t like what VicForests has planned for our forest, but what do we actually want to achieve? We have stated that our aim isn’t to ‘stop logging’, but to achieve better management of these extremely valuable assets: trees and forests!

Come along to the first ‘Our Strathbogie Forest’ workshop to hear about what’s already happening, help develop ideas and set a direction for this campaign.

When: 3 pm-5 pm, Saturday 15th March, 2014.

Where: Strathbogie Memorial Hall.

Topics to be discussed and developed include:

  • fact-finding and research: eg history of forest logging; flora & fauna survey; mapping; cultural history etc
  • communications: eg letter-writing; newsletter; blog & facebook; project info kit; poster displays etc
  • community activities: eg forest walks; photography; information stalls  etc
  • project administration: eg minutes of meetings; Steering Committee; fund raising; strategic planning etc

…and perhaps the most important category,

  • all your other ideas: we need to get our message out, clearly and accurately, so put your thinking caps on!

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