Going, going … giant Mountain Gums threatened.

It’s not easy to convey, in pictures alone, the majesty of these forest giants. At 2.23 m diam. (at breast height), this Mountain Gum (Eucalyptus dalrympleana) is a Strathbogie veteran. It’s undoubtedly survived numerous episodes of fire, drought, insect and fungus attack, as well as 100 years of selective logging,  but may not see out the current VicForests logging cycle. It stands in one of the coupes scheduled for logging in the next few years and is likely to end up collateral damage. Its upper branches are 30+ m above ground, but the size of the broken trunk suggests it was once much taller. We invest heavily in the human history of this country, but it seems the stories of these forest elders don’t make the cut. Scroll to the bottom frame to get perspective on its size.
DSCF0382DSCF0380DSCF0378DSCF0377DSCF0376_2DSCF0375It’s an easy tree to locate, being adjacent to Lima East Tk (AMG 0401470 E, 5917568 S). See if you can find a photo of a Mountain Gum of comparable size anywhere on Mr Google.

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