Strathbogie Forests’ rare and threatened plants

The eastern parts of the Strathbogie Forest contain 14 known, rare and threatened plants. This information is drawn from the State’s official records held in the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas. One of our groups’ supporters, botanist Sue Ablitt, searched the VBA records and has prepared this detailed list. These rare plants are illustrated below.

Rare and threatened flora recorded in the  Strathbogie ranges forests

Source of information: DEPI Biodiversity Interactive Mapping Compiled May 2014 for Strathbogie Sustainable Forests Alliance. View the study area map.

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These 14 species (13 illustrated here) are probably not the only threatened plant species within the search area, as there has been relatively little botanical surveying carried out in this part of the Strathbogie Ranges. Nonetheless, their presence is a strong argument for these forests to be careful managed and for at least some areas to be afforded permanent protection.

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