Koalas in proposed Parlours Creek coupes

A couple of weeks ago twenty-odd people enjoyed an evening in the Strathbogie State Forest. First and most important, Sim got a lovely campfire going while the light faded – no point starting a night walk before our nocturnal quarry becomes active. Then we enjoyed a variety of delicious soups: minestrone, ox-tail, spicy pumpkin … Oh, they were delicious! But the best was still to come.

We split into two groups, each with several spotlights and torches, then went looking for nocturnal fauna. The area surveyed included Damp Forest in the Parlours Creek valley and Herb-rich Foothill Forest on the slopes and along Lima East Rd. The locations we surveyed are all slated for logging in the next few years.

Coupes 412 504 0001, 412 503 0001, 412 504 0002

The forest along Parlours Ck is rich and still has a number of big, old trees. We saw nine Greater Gliders – the largest of Australia’s nine gliding possums, which has a completely vegetarian diet of eucalypt leaves.

We also saw and heard a number of Southern Boobook Owls, several Common Ringtail Possums AND several Koalas! Forest microbats flew above our heads as we walked. It was a most successful evening – some pics below to illustrate the species recorded.

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2 responses to “Koalas in proposed Parlours Creek coupes

  1. What a wonderful collection of sightings – and all destined to have their habitat trashed!
    Re the Koalas:if you’re revisiting in November it would be good to register sightings with the Koala Count – see http://www.npansw.org.au/index.php/campaigns/citizen-science/koala-count and http://koalacount.ala.org.au/bdrs-core/npansw/home.htm

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