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Make Euroa Marginal – Vote for Someone Else!

Our campaign requests are reasonable, informed and logical. We have asked Candidates in the Seat of Euroa to support an inclusive, transparent, evidence-based decision making process – a Victorian Environment Assessment Council (VEAC) investigation. So what have the Parties said?

  • Committed to a VEAC investigation into the Strathbogie State Forest: Liberal Party, Greens Party.
  • Supportive, but uncommitted:  Labor Party.
  • Opposed to a VEAC investigation: National Party, Victorian Country Alliance.

It’s not the role of this group to tell people how to vote, but clearly a vote for the National Party or the Victorian Country Alliance is a vote for industrial logging of Strathbogie Forests. So, perhaps the best we can do is to make Euroa marginal …

Vote For Someone Else - Print V4

Kids get the value of forests

The art exhibition theme was Wild Strathbogie

The art exhibition theme was Wild Strathbogie

Local Primary School kids were asked to express their feelings and impressions about the forests of Wild Strathbogie – here are some of the fabulous results. Continue reading

Libs promise VEAC investigation into Strathbogie Forests

Tony Schneider, Minister Smith and Sim Ayres at a failed VicForests coupe in the  Strathbogie Forest

Tony Schneider, Minister Smith and Sim Ayres at a failed VicForests coupe in the Strathbogie Forest

Last week the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Ryan Smith, visited the Strathbogie Forest with  Liberal Candidate for the Seat of Euroa Tony Schneider. The Minister heard and saw first-hand the issues that locals have been discussing for the last 12 months.

  • A forest management blue-print that’s 30 years old
  • VicForests’ plans to increase logging, in spite of some disastrous forest management outcomes
  • Products from these forests (biofuel) used to under-cut the local farm-forestry industry
  • The sacrifice of other forest values such as bee keeping, recreation, biodiversity, water catchment, tourism.

In response, the Minister has committed the Victorian Liberal Party to an investigation, undertaken by VEAC, into how these last remaining forests in the Strathbogie Ranges can be best managed for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In today’s Media Release, Liberal Candidate Tony Schneider said “We need to ensure that our industry and environmental practices are balanced and practical and all parties were in agreement that a VEAC Review was the appropriate place to start.”

Members of the Strathbogie Sustainable Forests Group with Tony Schneider, accepting Minister Smith's letter promising a VEAC investigation.

Liberal Candidate for Euroa, Tony Schneider, presenting Minister Smith’s letter promising a VEAC investigation, to members of the Strathbogie Sustainable Forests Group (Photo courtesy Anthony Cini, Euroa Gazette).

The Strathbogie Sustainable Forests Campaign has long argued the merits of a VEAC investigation to review management of forests on public land in the Srathbogie Ranges; “It’s the best way for all stakeholders to have input into a decision making process that’s inclusive, transparent and has a proven track-record.” says Sim Ayres, a spokesperson for the group.

Mr Ayres continued “The community’s goal is to have a full review of forest management on public land in the Strathbogies and Tony Schneider’s & the Minister’s support have been a most valuable step in this direction. We very much appreciate Tony’s involvement and it shows he is focused on local community.”

Powerful Owls in logging area

Powerful Owl (Image Duncan Fraser)

A Powerful Owl in Gippsland (Image Duncan Fraser)

During a spotlight survey last Friday night (14.11.14) we recorded an adult Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua), as well as several of the Owl’s favourite prey items – 3 x Greater Gliders and 2 x Common Ringtail Possums. The bird was perched about 5 m above the ground on a dead branch and only about 15 m from the track we were on. Our group had several pairs of binoculars and everyone got a good look at this amazing bird.

Powerful Owls are regarded as Vulnerable in Victoria and are listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. Continue reading