Make Euroa Marginal – Vote for Someone Else!

Our campaign requests are reasonable, informed and logical. We have asked Candidates in the Seat of Euroa to support an inclusive, transparent, evidence-based decision making process – a Victorian Environment Assessment Council (VEAC) investigation. So what have the Parties said?

  • Committed to a VEAC investigation into the Strathbogie State Forest: Liberal Party, Greens Party.
  • Supportive, but uncommitted:  Labor Party.
  • Opposed to a VEAC investigation: National Party, Victorian Country Alliance.

It’s not the role of this group to tell people how to vote, but clearly a vote for the National Party or the Victorian Country Alliance is a vote for industrial logging of Strathbogie Forests. So, perhaps the best we can do is to make Euroa marginal …

Vote For Someone Else - Print V4

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