Hike to Mt Tel, a granite boulder peak in the Strathbogie Ranges

P1280588Last Sunday 15 lucky folk, younger and older, hiked through the Strathbogies to the summit of Tels Mountain. At ~1023 m, Mt Tel is just a whisker lower than Mt. Strathbogie, ~1030 m*, the highest peak  in the ranges. It was a beautiful afternoon for a cross-country walk through tall, Manna Gum and Peppermint forest. Tels Mountain has extensive rock outcrops on its western slope that makes for a stark contrast with surrounding forests and wet gullies.

Part of our push to get improved management of forests in the Strathbogie Ranges includes getting out into the forest ourselves. Here are some pics of the latest in our series of forest walks.

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* The height above sea level of 1030 m for Mt Strathbogie is based on an on-line source . Google Earth suggests mt Strathbogie is 1036 m asl, but the official 1:100,000 topographic map gives its height as 1007 m asl. Either way, Tels Mountain is a little lower.

For another view of Tels Mountain, this time from Golden Mount – visit here.

2 responses to “Hike to Mt Tel, a granite boulder peak in the Strathbogie Ranges

  1. Great pics and blog.

    How does one get to throw throw their hat into the ring to be considered as to participate in such a ramble?


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