Six good reasons to abandon the 3000 ha Barjarg Rd burn

There are lots of reasons why the 3000 ha Barjarg Rd burn should not proceed. Here are six good ones:

  1. Ecologically reckless: the burn will kill up to 50% of old-growth trees (1+ m DBH)
  2. Not strategic: threatens to erase the current burn mosaic that has taken 30 years to develop
  3. This burn is 600% bigger than any previous planned burn in the Strathbogie Forest
  4. If it’s as ‘successful’ as last years Tames Rd burn, it could push several threatened species closer to local extinction
  5. Carbon emissions from this burn are the equivalent to driving a new car 967,000,000 km, thereby emitting 43,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent
  6. This 3000 ha of forest is being sacrificed for an obsolete target.

Oh yeah, and we’re coming off a long, hot Summer – It’s just way too dry! That’s No. 7.

How many more reasons do we need, to convince the Government and DELWP that burning 3000 ha in one year is folly?

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