VicForests’ logging plans for the Strathbogies

There are 11 coupes on the chopping block in the Strathbogie Ranges. These maps show their location. The official VicForests map gives coupe numbers. The other two are more realistic satellite maps. The arrow in each map indicates the coupe that VicForests plan to log next week on Lima East Rd, in the Parlour’s Creek catchment.

The local community has long been telling the Government that the Parlour’s Creek catchment, where most of the coupes are located, contains some of the highest conservation value forests left in the entire Strathbogie Ranges. Yet, there has been no assessment of the conservation values of these forests since the 1980s, 30 years ag0! Instead of taking the community seriously and looking to the future, they stick their heads in the sand. The Government and VicForests want us to believe their logging plans are sustainable and will improve forest health and resilience.

They might as well tell us they bought a tatts ticket!

Click on a map to view.

2 responses to “VicForests’ logging plans for the Strathbogies

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