Strathbogie forest rally – c’mon Lily, get on-board.

Locals care about their forest.

Locals care about their forest.

A cool, sunny weekday morning on Lima East Rd in the Strathbogie Forest. All seems normal, other than the 60 forest supporters protesting the logging of some of the best forest left in these ranges. The rally was as much a show of support for the hundreds of people that have joined in the campaign over the last three years, as it was to appeal to the Government, particularly the Victorian Environment Minister Lily d’Ambrosio, to not continue to ignore this community’s commitment to something we hold very dear and have fought hard to try to save.

Click this link to watch WIN News’ video of the forest rally

Why is it so hard for the Minister to acknowledge our concerns, when her Government loves telling us Regional Victorians how much we are valued. Could it have something to do with the Minister for Regional Development, the Hon. Jaala Pulford?

We have written to Minister Pulford on a number of occasions and if there is one politician that seems particularly deaf to our concerns, its Minister Pulford.

Ministers Pulford and d’Ambrosio:

  • The Strathbogie Ranges are already 80+% cleared. This is the last bit of decent forest left in the entire ranges.
  • The last time there was a thorough assessment of the forest’s values was 30 years ago.
  • It’s not well known what or where the important values in this forest are, but we do know that this coupe is in the middle of perhaps the richest piece of forest left in the entire ranges.
  • The forest is important habitat for Long-nosed Bandicoots, Powerful Owls, Greater Gliders and Koalas.
  • The Strathbogie Ranges has a viable plantation industry that was established by large-scale bulldozing, windrowing and burning of native forest. These plantations are more efficient and cost effective than native forest logging.
  • We are not against logging, but we are totally opposed to the logging of Parlour’s coupe. This logging represents a deliberately blinkered, ignorant view of forest values

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