Coupe Tour 2 – we’re doing it again!

On our coupe tour a few weeks ago, we visited only four of the nine coupes on the Timber Release Plan. This coming Sunday, we’ll try to visit the rest: Clog, Tallangalook Gully, Roger, Gyuana and Howe’s Creek. We know that at least three of these coupes, Roger, Guyana and Howe’s Creek, have high numbers of Greater Gliders.

Strathbogie coupe tour 2

2 responses to “Coupe Tour 2 – we’re doing it again!

  1. Oh great!!! Looks like we can join you. I am so delighted that you have planned another tour.

    Looking forward to it.




  2. Dear fellow Strathbogie Forest lovers,
    The 2020 Climate Emergency Summit was a really inspiring event.
    It ended with this wonderful declaration, crafted by some of the many eminent speakers in attendance.
    It’s certainly worth reading. Please consider signing the declaration at the website below and sending it on, far and wide.
    Yours in optimism,
    Rhona and Peter Rose

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