This website supports the Save Our Strathbogie Forest (SOSF) group and report community advocacy for the Strathbogie Forest.

As a community, we can watch passively as highly mechanised, industrial logging moves in and slowly but surely transforms much of this forest into young, even-aged stands of trees … or we can choose to get involved and ensure that the forest (not just the trees) survives and is in better condition, for the next generation, than it is today.

The SOSF campaign aims to convince the Victorian Government that native forest logging is incompatible with the sustainable management of the Strathbogie Forest. SOSF began in 2013 as the Strathbogie Sustainable Forestry Group, initially in opposition to the scaled-up logging being proposed by VicForests, but has also lobbied to change the planned burning culture that sees the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) conducting extensive and destructive planned burns across large parts of the forest.

We are now a broad-based advocacy group, insisting on forest management policy (and operations) that are evidence-based, supported by the local community and result in improved management of the diverse values and services this forest provides.

All advocacy work by this group is voluntary and the opinions expressed are those of the SOSF committee.

To get involved, either follow this site (complete the box in the sidebar), leave a comment at the bottom of any page, or follow the Our Strathbogie Forest Facebook page.

2 responses to “About

  1. It’s important that no more forest is lost to agriculture and human settlement. Is there anywhere people can donate to help this cause? I am an Apiarist and keeping all the forests we have available to use is very important to me. We cannot let someone with a misleading name like VicForest abuse our forests for unsustainable monetary gain.

    • Thanks for your support Bret.
      We have on occasion asked for donations of money for specific purposes, but most of all we value the donation of your time and support. Share this info as widely as you can and join in the forest activities (shared on this blog and the FB page) when you can. I’ll add your name to the group’s private email list so that you can be part of the discussion. Regards – Bert.

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