Big Trees

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The Strathbogie Ranges (above about 300 m asl) support a wide variety of eucalypts – 17 species in all. Of these, six species can be commonly found in the higher altitude forests: Messmate, Mountain Gum, Manna Gum, Southern Blue Gum, Mountain Swamp Gum and Narrow-leaf Peppermint. A seventh, Snow Gum, occurs in small, widespread stands.

As part of our advocacy for the Strathbogie Forest, we have begun documenting the biggest trees that we come across, not just because big trees are impressive, but because they are ecological cornerstones of the forests they help create.

We’re not setting out to measure every big tree we encounter, but many are worth celebrating. Click on the species link to see what we’ve documented so far.

  1. Box, Grey Eucalyptus microcarpa
  2. Box, Long-leaf Eucalyptus goniocalyx
  3. Box, Red Eucalyptus polyanthemos
  4. Box, White Eucalyptus albens
  5. Box, Yellow Eucalyptus melliodora
  6. Gum, Blakely’s Red Eucalyptus blakelyi
  7. Gum, Candlebark Eucalyptus rubida
  8. Gum, Manna Eucalyptus viminalis
  9. Gum, Mountain Swamp Eucalyptus camphora
  10. Gum, Mountain (White) Eucalyptus dalrympleana
  11. Gum, River Red Eucalyptus camaldulensis
  12. Gum, Snow Eucalyptus pauciflora
  13. Gum, Southern Blue Eucalyptus globulus bicostata
  14. Peppermint, Narrow-leaved Eucalyptus radiata
  15. Peppermint, Broad-leaved Eucalyptus dives
  16. Stringybark, Messmate Eucalyptus obliqua
  17. Stringybark, Red Eucalyptus macrorhyncha

There are other trees (a plant more than 5 m tall), from other plant groups, that also occur in these Ranges, some of which can grow to impressive heights.

  1. Blanket-leaf Bedfordia arborescens
  2. Cherry Ballart Exocarpus cupressiformis
  3. Lomatia, Tree Lomatia fraseri
  4. Mulberry, Austral Hedycarya angustifolia
  5. Tree-fern, Rough Cyathea australis
  6. Tree-fern, Smooth Dicksonia cunninghamii
  7. Victorian Chrismas Bush Prostanthera lasianthos
  8. Wattle, Blackwood Acacia melanoxylon
  9. Wattle, Black Acacia mearnsii
  10. Wattle, Lightwood Acacia implexa
  11. Wattle, Silver Acacia dealbata