The Strathbogie Sustainable Forests Group (SSFG) is a community group based in the Strathbogie Ranges and committed to improving the management of public forests. Some of our correspondence in the media, with politicians and Agencies is shown below.

SSFG Media releases

31.3.16 – Planned burn undermines government credibility.
3.4.16 – CFA volunteers call for a halt to this season’s planned burns in Strathbogie Ranges
11.9.16 – VicForests gives ‘the finger’ to local group.
24.9.16 – VicForests’ deceit angers local community groups.

Formal correspondence with politicians & candidates

7.3.14 – Bill Sykes media release 7.3.14
12.3.14 – Bill Sykes Letter to Editor, Alex. Standard & Yea Chronicle 12.3.14
September 2014 – Letter to the Minister for Water, Agriculture & Food, Peter Walsh
13.10.14 – Reply from Minister Peter Walsh (1.4 MB)
31 October 2014 – Letter to the Minister for Environment & Climate Change, Ryan Smith
19.11.14 – Minister Ryan Smith’s commitment to Tony Schneider
20.11.14 – Tony Schneider’s Media Release
9.12.14 – Letter to the new Minister for Environment & Climate Change, Lisa Neville
4.3.15 – Letter to the Minister for Environment & Climate Change, Lisa Neville
22.4.15 – Letter to Minister Neville – ’round-table’ thank-you
29.1.16 – Letter to Minister Lisa Neville – planned burns
24.2.16 – Letter to Minister Neville – planned burns
20.6.16 – To Minister d’Ambrosio – logging
25.6.16 – Peter Beaumont reply to 20.6.16
10.11.16 – To Minister d’Ambrosio – logging in Parlour’s Creek coupe
30.6.17 – To Minister d’Ambrosio – Koalas in Parlour’s Creek coupe

DELWP correspondence

29.1.16 – Letter to DELWP Regional Director, Hume – planned burning
4.3.16 – Response from DELWP Regional Director, Hume. Link to Barjarg Rd burn map referred to in the response.
20.6.17 – Powerful Owls in Parlour’s Creek catchment

VicForests correspondence

29 Jan 2014 – SSFA first letter to VicForests (pdf)
11 March 2014 – VicForests reply to SSFA 29Jan letter (pdf)
Early April 2014 – SSFa reply to VicForests letter of 29 Jan (pdf)
18.10.16 – Letter to VicForests General Manager re logging Parlour’s Creek coupe
10.11.16 – Alternatives to logging Parlour’s Creek coupe

Murphy Fresh correspondence

5 March 2014 – SSFA letter to Murphy Fresh (pdf)
25 March 2014 – Murphy Fresh reply to SSFA 5March letter (pdf)
12 April 2014 – SSFA response to Murphy Fresh (pdf)

One response to “Correspondence

  1. Please be aware endangered Spottailed Quolls (also known as Tiger Quoll & Spotted Quoll) reside in the area. This is the largest of the Quoll and the only other known remaining location is in the Otway Ranges. They have a large territorial range.

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