The Strathbogie Sustainable Forests Group (SSFG) is a community group based on the Strathbogie Tableland and committed to improving the management of public forests.

Our group is active on a number of forest-fronts.

SSFG Media releases

31.3.16 – Planned burn undermines government credibility.
11.9.16 – VicForests gives ‘the finger’ to local group.
24.9.16 – VicForests’ deceit angers local community groups.

Formal correspondence with Politicians & Candidates

7.3.14 – Bill Sykes media release 7.3.14
12.3.14 – Bill Sykes Letter to Editor, Alex. Standard & Yea Chronicle 12.3.14
September 2014 – Letter to the Minister for Water, Agriculture & Food, Peter Walsh
13.10.14 – Reply from Minister Peter Walsh (1.4 MB)
31 October 2014 – Letter to the Minister for Environment & Climate Change, Ryan Smith
19.11.14 – Minister Ryan Smith’s commitment to Tony Schneider
20.11.14 – Tony Schneider’s Media Release
9.12.14 – Letter to the new Minister for Environment & Climate Change, Lisa Neville
4.3.15 – Letter to the Minister for Environment & Climate Change, Lisa Neville
22.4.15 – Letter to Minister Neville – ’round-table’ thank-you
29.1.16 – Letter to Minister Lisa Neville – planned burns
24.2.16 – Letter to Minister Neville – planned burns
20.6.16 – To Minister d’Ambrosio – logging
25.6.16 – Peter Beaumont reply to 20.6.16

DELWP Correspondence

29.1.16 – Letter to DELWP Regional Director, Hume – planned burning
4.3.16 – Response from DELWP Regional Director, Hume. Link to Barjarg Rd burn map referred to in the response.

VicForests correspondence

29 Jan 2014 – SSFA first letter to VicForests (pdf)
11 March 2014 – VicForests reply to SSFA 29Jan letter (pdf)
Early April 2014 – SSFa reply to VicForests letter of 29 Jan (pdf)

Murphy Fresh correspondence

5 March 2014 – SSFA letter to Murphy Fresh (pdf)
25 March 2014 – Murphy Fresh reply to SSFA 5March letter (pdf)
12 April 2014 – SSFA response to Murphy Fresh (pdf)

One response to “Correspondence

  1. Please be aware endangered Spottailed Quolls (also known as Tiger Quoll & Spotted Quoll) reside in the area. This is the largest of the Quoll and the only other known remaining location is in the Otway Ranges. They have a large territorial range.

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