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Estimating the density of the Greater Glider in the Strathbogie Ranges

The report documenting the findings of the 2017 Strathbogie Forest Greater Glider surveys, conducted by DELWP’s Arthur Rylah Institute, has finally been released.

ARI report front cover

Main findings:

  • The Strathbogie Forest supports a large and regionally important population of Greater Gliders.
  • The Greater Glider population in the Strathbogie Forest has not suffered the declines that have occurred in the Central Highlands and East Gippsland, reinforcing the conservation importance of the Strathbogie Forest population.
  • Government data shows that many parts of the Strathbogie Forest support Greater Glider numbers that exceed the high-density threshold that would lead to forest protection in other parts of the state.

Summary of results (in italics):

  • Greater Glider population in Strathbogie Forest is ca. 70,000 individuals.
  • The detectability of individual Greater Gliders is low, suggesting that raw spotlight counts may greatly underestimate densities.
  • The three surveyed coupes (Barjarg Flat, Mr Hat and Tartan) have a Greater Glider population of ca. 500 Greater Gliders.
  • Greater Gliders in the Strathbogie Forest occur at densities of 2 to 4/ha. [Extrapolating, nine remaining coupes (370 ha) on the TRP have a Greater Glider population of 740 to 1480 individuals.]
  • Generally, hollow-bearing trees were larger in coupes (mean DBH 118 cm), than outside coupes (mean DBH 89 cm), [suggesting that logging coupes are targeting higher conservation value areas of forest].
  • Higher numbers of Greater Gliders were found on transects with large trees, particularly trees >100 cm DBH.
  • The results of the study indicate that higher quality habitat for Greater Gliders includes areas containing a high proportion of Blue Gum and Mountain Gum and with a high proportion of trees larger than 100 cm DBH.
DSCN0708 Greater Gliderv L. Williams a

Strathbogie Forest Greater Glider (Image Lance Williams)


Tames Rd, Strathbogie – another ‘fuel reduction burn’


28 March 2015, 1:30 PM – Tames Rd planned burn, from Swanpool. Rocky Ned to the right of the smoke column.

Just before Easter, DELWP decided to burn a 521 ha area between Tames Rd. and Gerars Tk., in order … “To develop fuel reduced areas of sufficient width and continuity to reduce the spread of bushfire.” The area was logged many decades ago and hasn’t had a fire since. It’s really just starting to recover. It’s not that this bush was knee-deep in branches, litter and logs, or choking in shrubbery. In fact, parts of the bush that didn’t burnt suggest that ‘fuel’ build-up wasn’t particularly noteworthy.

For the benefit of those of you that haven’t been to the area post-burn, have a look at the photos below. We only walked for about 1.5 km along the burn’s eastern edge, but the damage was extensive. Continue reading