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Lightning Ridge Tk – A Winter Night’s Walk

Greater Glider (Photo Deane Lewis)

Greater Glider (Photo Deane Lewis)

A clear, blue-sky day was followed by a clear, still night ideal for spotlighting. We traveled to Lightning Ridge Tk, fourteen of us in six cars, to see what lives in this part of the forest – due for a planned burn next season.

On a previous day-time visit we saw this forest of Narrow-leaf Peppermint, Victorian Blue Gums, Messmate Stringybarks and Manna Gums – and still a few large trees, particularly along the Sandy Creek. Much of this area was logged about 15 years ago and the signs are obvious: Continue reading


Strathbogie Forest Night Walk

SSFA Lightning Ridge Tk Night Walk Rev A

Strathbogie old growth trees – going up in flames

 One of the few 'old-growth' trees left in this forest - no more.

One of the few ‘old-growth’ trees left in this forest (DBH 1.5+ m) – no more.

Right now, there are still trees in the Strathbogie Forest that likely predate the era of British colonization in Australia. Imagine that, forest trees that were living and breathing well before Major Thomas Mitchell  pronounced Australia Felix; even before the first known map of the Port Phillip district was drawn in 1803. Trees that were standing when the Swedish navy captured one third of the Russian fleet at the naval battle of Svensksund in the Baltic Sea, in 1790! It’s a long time since the Swedes were a substantial navel power, but that’s how old these last few forest giants are (nothing against Swedes).

Sadly, if the Victorian Government keeps on burning these forests, Continue reading