Forest picnic and celebration

This Messmate eucalypt was the special guest at our picnic.

This giant Messmate Stringybark was the special guest at our picnic.

Dry as it is, a picnic in the forest seemed the perfect way to celebrate the spectacular trees still standing in the Strathbogie Forest. Though there will be some planned burning in the Strathbogie forest this season, many stands of significant old-growth will be spared, among them this special place of towering Messmates (Eucalyptus obliqua) – where we spread out our picnic blankets and shared a meal, two Sunday’s ago. Among such ancient trees, who knows how old, humility comes easily and gratitude that such trees still exist is sincere. [Click on a pic to watch the slide show]

A little later, we walked through this extensive (and heavily disturbed) stand of Messmate, finding several more old-growth trees, though none with quite the grandeur of the first.

No doubt many that attended this picnic we’ll return, to keep an eye on these grand, old trees.

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